Upcoming Release

Mr. Lennie Nimblett is currently writing The Politics of Dr Eric Williams, 1955-1981 that will soon be finalized and completed to be hopefully released within the year (2020). This book is about the compelling story of Dr Eric Williams’ contribution to the political development of T&T in the period 1955-1981. No political commentator in 1954 could have foreseen the political explosion that was to have taken place in T&T one year later. When Dr Eric Williams entered the political scene in T&T in 1955, it appears that he had in his back-pocket a complete blueprint for the transformation of the then British Crown Colony. It was an explosive entrance. The political environment was conducive to change and was transformed unrecognizably. His plans were so effective and his commitment to their implementation so resolute, that when he died in office in 1981 after being at the head of government for 25 years, the country had been changed from one of the most politically backward colonies in the British West Indies to a modern progressive independent republic within the British Commonwealth. His unprecedented success was as much due to the political vacuum into which he came as it was to the weakness of his opponents and the strength of his years of preparation.